Thursday, August 14, 2008


My name is Paula Petsel. I have been a professional photographer for 22 years now. I have a hard time telling people how long I have been capturing people's memories on film and now with pixels because I can't believe I am that old! I have a beautiful studio in Pensacola, Florida and a fantastic famliy that I love very much. For years now, clients have been asking me to teach a photography class. I finally decided it would be easier for people to log onto a blog and learn at times that would work with their individual schedules than to try and teach at a specific time. I will try to pick fun subjects with easy to understand examples. I will also use this blog as a place to share some great pictures of some of my fantastic clients and their pets. The portrait above is a portrait of my beloved pets. This was no easy task. The turkey nearly destroyed the studio! I am still finding turkey feathers! Pet photography is one of my specialties. I have always been an animal lover and was convinced, as a teenager, that I would one day work for National Geographic! I was very shy back then and just could not see myself working with people. Today, I still love animal photography , but also enjoy making people look their best. I can't tell you what a great feeling it is to have a client call or email to tell me how much love their portriats. Teens are probably my favorite subject to photograph. I enjoy taking a high school senior who might have all those normal insecurities that adolecence brings and make them feel like a top model by the end of the shoot. I love to help my clients discover how truly beautiful they are!

My studio is called Paula's Picture Perfect
Currently, I shoot a lot of actor's headshots, high school seniors and families at the beach.
Check out my site if you have time and make sure you visit the portrait galleries.
That's about it for now. I will work on my first lesson and post it when I can.

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