Monday, September 15, 2008

Bayview Dog Park

This past Sunday, I had the opportunity to spend the day with the best friends any human could have! Bayview Dog Park, located close to down town Pensacola, is the best dog park I have ever seen! A good sized area of the Bayview Park has been fenced so dogs can run free from the leash! The enclosure even includes a beach area for swimming! At any given time through out the day, I watched no less than 15 dogs of all sizes, shapes and breeds playing in the park. Call me crazy, but the dogs reminded me of kids on a playground. You could tell they were smiling and laughing as they ran in packs chasing each other! The excitement was contagious because all the humans were in high spirits, as well. Remarkably, all of the dogs got along well together. I did not witness any aggressive behavior while I was there, although, I am sure it happens from time to time. If you own a dog and have not yet been to the Bayview Dog Park, you and your dog are really missing out on something very special. Not only is it a great way to exercise your dog, it is an opportunity to meet other dog lovers.

As you can see from the photo above, little dogs have just as much fun and really hold their own with the big dogs. If you own a small dog, please don't be afraid to bring him or her to play at the park. I saw a Great Dane running with a poodle and everything was fine! Somehow, I think the dogs know they must behave or their owner's might not bring them back! Speaking of Pet owners, all that I witnessed on Sunday were very responsible and kept a vigilant eye on their dogs.

This is all well and good, you might be thinking, but how am I going to transport a smelly, dirty, wet dog back home? Not to worry! The Bayview Dog Park has thought of everything! A dog wash station is provided right by the exit! Bring your own shampoo and towel, and after his bath, your dog is ready for the ride home! If you are concerned about him being wet, let him air dry as you walk through the lovely park or stroll out on the pier to watch the boaters and jet skiers.

If you are thinking of visiting the dog park, there are a few rules that you should take note of before you go. I will skip the common sense rules and just tell you about the ones you might not be aware of. First, children under the age of 16 are not allowed to be in the fenced enclosure. This is for the safety of the child, obviously. I did witness this rule being broken time and time again without any enforcement so use your best judgement here. Another rule for all you multiple dog households: Limit 2 dogs per person. I think this is a great rule because a dog owner really needs to be able to control their dog(s) in the event that something bad does happen. I spoke to several people at the park, who told of a woman that brings 5 dogs every time she comes. They complained about how out of control her dogs are and how she does nothing to correct the problems. To me, this ruins the experience for everyone and also creates a dangerous situation for all dogs and humans at the park. With so many "no dogs allowed" areas, I would hope everyone would cherish this park and follow the rules so it will not close!
The Bayview Dog Park is open 6am-9pm and is located on 20th Ave. near Osceola Drive. Click the link for map and additional information. http://Bayview Dog Park
I am definitely going to return with my dogs next weekend! See you there!

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